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6th Sunday After Epiphany

Hello Church!

This Sunday is, of course, Super Bowl Sunday, but we are also invited to a head to head competition between the Maumee Valley Presbytery (that's our presbytery) and the Presbytery of Cincinnati to see which of us can bring the most soups and canned goods to donate locally on this Soup-er Bowl Sunday. This Sunday morning, please bring mounds of canned donations which we can drop off locally to those who are hungry. We will tally the number of canned goods we have brought and add that number to the other churches in Maumee Valley Presbytery in this competition! Together we can share generously with our communities!

This Sunday is also the Annual Meeting of the Congregation and we ask that you stay to celebrate God's goodness in 2021 through this church while also making decisions required by our polity for an annual meeting. Those of you hosting Super Bowl parties will have plenty of time to get home and take care of the food business before the big game begins.

Most importantly, this Sunday we will pause momentarily to listen once again to God's Word to us. This is our time for spiritual growth and discipleship. For me, the gathering together for worship is the time when I remember what life is about in the Kingdom of God. I invite you to prepare yourself to hear Jesus' "Sermon on the Plain" and to let God speak to your heart.

Peace be with you, congregation!

Pastor Katie


Upcoming Events

Saturday, 2/12:

9 a.m. - 3 p.m.: Session Retreat & Session Meeting

Sunday, 2/13:

10:30 a.m.: Worship Service & Congregational Meeting

Monday, 2/14:

Valentine's Day: Surprise a church member with some love today!

Tuesday, 2/15:

Presbytery Meeting (Zoom) with FPC Tiffin leading worship

Sunday, 2/20:

10:30 a.m.: Worship Service & The Lord's Supper


Notes on the Sermon

This Sunday we will be hearing Jesus' Sermon on the Plain from Luke 6. It sounds much like Jesus' Sermon on the Mount from Matthew 5 and yet it is different. Some say Jesus preached the same sermon in different places. Others say he preached one sermon and by the time it was written down the details had changed through the oral traditions of different communities. I urge you to read them both and to examine their similarities and their differences—see you Sunday!


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