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4th Sunday After Pentecost

Dear Church:

I’ve been promising you news from the Session, and I can FINALLY announce that over Labor Day weekend, we welcomed a new non-profit into our space! For many years we have asked, how can we partner with other ministries in and for our Tiffin community.

The establishment of the Non-Food Pantry in 2019 was one way we began reaching beyond our walls to care for those in our community. Since then, we’ve also had the opportunity (through our Memorial Trust) to share generously with our community as it meets the needs of the homeless and those who are in places of struggle. Our call from the denomination (and from Jesus himself) is to be a Matthew 25 church, reaching out to our neighbors as if they were Jesus. We feel that when our pantry is open, we are caring for Jesus. And when TOPS meets or La Leche sets up in our building, we are caring for Jesus. We believe that when NA comes in, we are making space for Jesus. This Sunday, our college students return to sing in the choir and we welcome them, as we welcome Jesus. And later this month, when Friendship Class finally returns to the building post-pandemic, we will see the glee in Jesus’ eyes as the church becomes a place where no one is overlooked.

But getting back to our exciting announcement which the session has been working diligently on for months, Hope’s Landing is now nesting in the former Scout room (the scouts left during the pandemic and did not return). Hope’s Landing is a non-profit that provides work for survivors of trafficking and domestic abuse. We will not get to know these survivors. As you can guess, having lived through trauma they may not be ready to be known. But we can pray for them, and we can make space for them to carry out their work as we would do for Jesus. These survivors have been making and selling candles, lotions, and soaps for a couple years now. The money they earn is theirs to help them with their new lives. More information will be forthcoming. For now, just know that their administrative office is downstairs, and soon they will be working in our kitchen during our business hours. We welcome them in the name of Jesus Christ.

The next exciting announcement is that our church will hold an OPEN HOUSE this SATURDAY from 10-1. We will have food and music (New Riegel Jacket Company as well as Mohawk’s Show Choir!), a scavenger hunt to find out historical relics throughout the building, as well as walk-throughs to introduce how people might be involved in the pantry, our choir, and even worship! We want people to find their connection with our church, whether they are a community member, a person looking for a church, or another ministry that hopes to minister alongside us! So please help us get the word out, and if you are able to volunteer for all or just a part, please come!

The final exciting announcement is that Sunday our choir will be back and YOU are invited to join the choir to practice at 9 a.m. and get to know our college students as we sing together each week.

This church is alive because we get to glimpse sightings of Jesus all week long. Don’t miss these glimpses! Join us!


Pastor Katie


Upcoming Events

September 10 at 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.: FPC Open House

September 11 at 10:30 a.m.: 14th Sunday After Pentecost & Holy Communion

September 14 at 4 p.m.: Session Meeting

September 15 at 6:45 p.m.: Friendship Class

September 18 at 9 a.m.: ALT Worship in the Fellowship Hall


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