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The Third Sunday of Advent: Advent Lessons for Children

A Home For All (Joy)

Luke 3:1-18 | Zephaniah 3:14-20

Read: This is what happened when John the Baptist was preaching in the desert:

“The people asked John, ‘What should we do?’ John answered, ‘If you have two shirts, share

with the person who does not have one. If you have food, share that too.’ And John continued

to preach the Good News, saying many other things to encourage the people."

—Luke 3:10-11, 18 (ICB)

Wonder: I wonder whether the people who heard John went and did what he told them. I

wonder if you’ve ever shared your things. I wonder what it feels like when you share. I wonder

what it feels like when people share with you. I wonder if your family or your church ever shares

with you. I wonder how we could make sure everybody has what they need.

Say: The good news is that we get to help each other create God’s home for all people by

sharing our food, our clothes, our time, our space, and our love, because God’s home is a

home for everybody.

Pray: Let’s pray. Dear God, thank you for giving us what we need. Help us to share so that

the world can be a home where everybody is included, fed, housed, clothed, listened to, and

loved. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.


- Build the biggest fort you can out of things you have around the house like cardboard

boxes, blankets, and pillows. See how many people, pets, stuffed animals, or dolls you can

fit inside.

- Tell a story about a time when you shared or someone shared with you. How did it feel?

- Go through your things to find items you can donate.

- Learn more about the lives of people who are experiencing homelessness. Find out what

organizations serve unhoused people in your community and learn more about how you

can help.

Close to Home Children's Lessons
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