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Close to Home: Advent Lessons for Children

The holidays are a magical time for children. We’ve created these children’s lessons to be

used with our Close to Home series for Advent–Epiphany (Year C) in worship, Sunday School, or at home. Each week includes a scripture to read from the International Children’s Bible, some “wondering” statements, a good news statement, a prayer, and extension activities for home or church.

We invite you to leave some time for silence between each of the “wondering” statements. Often, children will volunteer their thoughts freely, but phrasing these questions as statements of wonder serves a few purposes. First, it takes pressure off of children to have an immediate response. When used in worship, it also invites the entire congregation into wondering. And

in an era of livestreaming and pre-recorded videos, it allows for a more comfortable way to deliver a children’s message without immediate feedback from the children.

Close to Home Children's Lessons
Download PDF • 905KB
Close to Home Advent Calendar 11x17
Download PDF • 716KB

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