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5th Sunday After Pentecost

Dear Congregation:

Sunday we will gather for worship at 10:30 and listen to the familiar story of The Good Samaritan. Most of us can probably tell it in our sleep, but one of my colleagues has suggested that it has almost become so familiar that we forget the shock value of the original story. Who would you hesitate helping these days and why? I'm not going to ask you to reveal your answer, but this is part of what Jesus is asking the lawyer to explore in the story. We say we love God and keep God's law, but if we are honest with ourselves, there are probably still some "neighbors" from whom we keep our distance. Next, think of someone or a category of "someones" that really get under your skin. What if THEY were the ones to help this neighbor you've stepped back from? Hearing the story in this way illuminates our own biases toward people, and we have to continue to ask ourselves, each time Luke 10 is read, how we fit into the story again and again and again if we too want to love God completely.

What's coming up?

Beginning Monday, Pastor Katie, Alina T, and Olivia Raubenolt will be taking time to grow closer to God at Kirkmont Center. If you want to send them a letter or a care package, try to send it today or tomorrow so it arrives on time! The address is:

Kirkmont Center

6946 County Road 10

Zanesfield, Ohio 43360

Next Sunday, July 17, we will meet at Hedges at the American Legion Shelter at 10:30 AM for Worship in the Park! Bring yourself, a friend, lawn chairs, a potluck item(s) to share, and your own table service so we can enjoy fellowship around the table. If you have lawn games to set up, bring those as well!

Know that the church office will be open as usual, Monday-Friday, 9 AM-2PM.

Grace and Peace.

Pastor Katie


Upcoming Events

Sunday, 7/10:

10:30 a.m.: 5th Sunday After Pentecost

Sunday, 7/17:

10:30 a.m.: 6th Sunday After Pentecost & Holy Communion: Worship in the Park. Worship with us in Hedges-Boyer Park at the American Legion Shelter. Please bring a dish to share for the potluck after!



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