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2nd Sunday After Epiphany

by Rodney Leung

Cana is a Galilean town five miles northeast of Nazareth. Its population of around 8,500 includes both Muslims and Christians.

“The wedding at Cana” is a Bible reading to tell us about the first miracle of Jesus, when he turned the water into wine. There are many symbolic meanings in this reading. Let us focus on some of them to have a reflection.

First, the Stone water Jars: we know from the Bible that the function of these jars for the Jewish religion was for ceremonial washings. It was meant for washing your hands and your feet, but it was not for drinking.

From this chapter (John 2:1-12), we know that Jesus came to the wedding, poured the water into the jars and it became wine. The water in the jars originally was for washing, but then it turned to wine which meant it also existed to bring enthusiasm and joy.

The stone water jar was filled with water, and then turned into wine.

From this process, Jesus tells us he came to reveal his glory and to fulfill the Old Testament in this new covenant and it happened in a wedding banquet.

In the reading, Jesus said, “My hour has not come yet.” Another “wedding” is coming which is Jesus on the cross, the real glory is he sacrifice for us by using his blood.

“This is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins”

On the other hand, another reflection is on another key person, Mother Mary. She is the expression of faith. After she talks to Jesus, as a mother, she didn’t question him whether or not he was doing it right now but she went to tell the servants, “Do whatever He tells you.”

If we fully trust in God, He will bring you unlimited joy in your life. In the wedding at Cana, there are 6 jars of water and each jar holds thirty gallons of water. When Jesus told the servants to fill up all the jars, they didn’t ask anything but just did it. Then, Jesus, states later in John, you will not be thirsty anymore.

We all are the servants of the Lord. Let us keep asking ourselves all the time, “Am I ready to do whatever He tells me?” Our life is a wedding banquet, and weddings are moments to share our joy and love with one another. Let us fill the jars with water, share our joy and love to others and to the world.

Always learn from Mother Mary, who said “Do whatever HE tells you.”


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